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Firearms Training at its Finest.

Church Defense

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Arrowhead Firearms Training will assist churches address potential violence to faith-based properties. We work directly with church security teams in assessing property vulnerabilities, congregation security and education. We also provide weapon skill training for security teams if desired

Introduction to Firearms

Course Fee: $95.00

Length: 4 hours

Aprox Rounds: 100

Introduction to Firearms is designed to offer the new shooter a very structured, safe environment in which to develop a foundation on firearms safety and shooting fundamentals. This class is ideal for beginner shooters or anyone interested in enhancing their knowledge with the handgun, rifle/carbine or shotgun. Must be at least 18 years old to attend. No holster or sling is used for this course.

Defensive Carry Primer

Course Fee: $95.00

Length: 4 hours

Aprox Rounds:


This class provides students the opportunity to build on the skills acquired in a basic course. Exercises in drawing from a holster (handgun) or using a sling (long gun), clearing malfunctions, shooting positions and incorporating movement while reinforcing safety and shooting fundamentals will be covered. A Kydex or leather/Kydex holster is required for the handgun class, and a sling is required for the long gun class.


This class can be taken in conjunction with the Introduction to Firearms class or as a stand-alone class if you have already taken an introduction class. 


Prerequisite: Introduction to firearms or equivalent 

Weapons Fundamentals (Handgun/Carbine/AK)

Course Fee: $145.00

Length 7 Hours

Aprox Rounds: 300 - 350

This course sets the foundation for weapons manipulations skills. It will provide students with the core competencies of proven weapons manipulations skills in a dynamic environment. The course will introduce the student to understanding how his/her bio mechanics relate to weapon manipulation efficiency.

Prerequisite: Defensive Carry Primer or equivalent training

Weapons Applications (Handgun/Carbine/AK)

Course Fee: $155.00

Length 7 Hours

Aprox Rounds: 400+

Are you ready to take your skill to the next level?

Weapons Applications is and intense training experience. This course builds upon the core foundation developed in the Weapon Fundamentals course. The student will be emersed in a variety of skills building live fire exercises designed to apply weapons handling and manipulations skills in a dynamic environment. These exercises are purposeful in the area of developing situational awareness, personal defense mindset, quick threat recognition, immediate action and other skills necessary in advancing independent operation proficiency. This course will also include close quarter defensive skills, operating around cover, nontraditional shooting positions and multiple target engagement.


Prerequsite: Weapon Fundamentals or equivalent course given by known instructor.

Low Light /Moving Targets

Course Fee: $95.00

Length: 5 hours

Aprox Rounds: 250

Statistics show that the majority of encounters happen in low or no light situations. Have you trained for this? We will cover how different lighting situations can affect perception, flashlight techniques, and night sights. Practical drills will give students the opportunity to learn how and when to use their flashlight effectively. Moving targets add a training opportunity not available at most facilities. A Kydex or leather/Kydex holster is required for the handgun class, and a sling is required for the long gun class.

Prerequsite: Weapons Manipulations or equivalent

Fundamentals Clinics

Course Fee: $90.00

Length: 4 hours

Round count varies

These clinics will be 4 hour classes that focuses on a specific area of the fundamentals designed to give students targeted training in an area that they would like to improve upon. These clinics may be offered for Handgun or Carbine and will be noted on the calendar which platform will be targeted.

Trigger Manipulation

Targets trigger speed, timing, resets, pull, feel, different triggers available that can enhance performance.

Grip & Stance

Targets effective grip, balanced/dynamic stance, and how to maintain accuracy with compromised balance and compromised grip.


Targets Eye transitions, eye speed, sight alignment/sight picture, discerning situations and response.

Embrace the Suck

This clinic focuses on the area of training that gets neglected the most. Offhand manipulations and accuracy.

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