October 16 - Weapons Applications

October 16 - Weapons Applications


Weapons Applications (Handgun/Carbine/AK)

Are you ready to take your skill to the next level?

Weapons Applications is and intense training experience. This course builds upon the core foundation developed in the Weapon Fundamentals course. The student will be emersed in a variety of skills building live fire exercises designed to apply weapons handling and manipulations skills in a dynamic environment. These exercises are purposeful in the area of developing situational awareness, personal defense mindset, quick threat recognition, immediate action and other skills necessary in advancing independent operation proficiency. This course will also include close quarter defensive skills, operating around cover, nontraditional shooting positions and multiple target engagement.


Prerequsite: Weapon Manipulations or equivalent course given by known instructor.


Length: 7 hours  9:00AM - 4:00PM